Freelance Developer Based in Kent

As a web developer, I strive to deliver to create beautiful, performant websites from stunning designs. I enjoy creating extremely visual and interactive experiences using any technology that will deliver the best results.


Front-end Development

I love to bring designs to life as a developer, and I aim to do this using whatever front end tools are necessary. My preferred tools are more modern javascript libraries like React.js but I like to use whatever is best for the websites needs.

Collaboration with Designers

I've spent over 5 years working in digital agencys on all types of websites. Part of this includes experience in working with many different designers to achieve pixel perfect results from a range of designs and challenges.

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CMS Development

A result of working on a many websites is that different people require different ways of updating content. The bulk of the CMS' that I have built have been based in Wordpress, however I also have experience with Drupal and Concrete5.

3D Development

I also have some experience of working with 3d renders within websites using tools like Three.js and react three fiber.

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